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Sonokids' Ballyland is a fun and educational computer game for all children, including children with special needs. The design specifically supports playful learning by children who are blind or have low vision.

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All Abilities ePlayground

Welcome to the All Abilities ePlayground – an online space offering fun and games for children of all abilities.

Mouse and keyboard ePlayground

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Recommended for children who can use a mouse or the keyboard and accessible for children who are blind. All games can be played by way of:

  • a computer mouse
  • keys of a normal keyboard
  • a touch screen
  • a trackball or joystick
  • an interactive whiteboard

Two games are also playable via single switch and Puff2Play™

Automatic scanning ePlayground

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Entertaining actions, as well as four games, on the ePlayground are automatically scanned and can all be accessed with:

  • single switch
  • space bar
  • puffing into a microphone (Puff2Play™)
  • mouse left-click
  • interactive whiteboard

The ePlayground features entertaining actions plus four games - IbisBuster, Memory, TrixMix and Roo Hill Thrill.

For more information about specific ways of play in the ePlayground please visit the links in the menu.

The ePlayground is self-voicing: your game mate BuddyFly will talk you through the ePlayground.



IbisBuster is an adventure game.
Collect different “good things” and “shoo” Iris the ibis who tries to steal them.
The game comes with a great adventure story.


Memory is a puzzle-type game with sounds and images.
Find the matching pairs.

Trix Mix

Trix Mix is a creative game with music and animations.
Mix and record musical sounds to a set beat and then re-play your own musical remix.

Roo Hill Thrill

Roo Hill Thrill is an action game in a fantasy setting.
Go kangaroo! Surf over green hills and steer clear of beachballs.
Roo Hill Thrill can be played in a wide variety of modes. Just try it!

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