Roo Hill Thrill

To play the Roo Hill Thrill game select the sign on the map or press “r”.
Surf over the hills and try to avoid the balls.
The less balls you hit, the more points you score.
A perfect ride scores bonus points.
You can add your score to the Roo Hill Thrill Hi-score list at the end of the game. To view the scores on the Hi-score list, you will need the assistance of a mouse-user, who can follow the link from the Home page.

There are five ways to turn the surfboard:

  1. single switch
  2. space bar
  3. left and right arrow keys
  4. left mouse-click
  5. Puff2Play

Puff2Play™: Attach a microphone to your computer and play by using your breath to control the surfboard. Each puff of breath in the microphone will make the surfboard turn. Click “allow” to allow the controls access to your microphone.

Settings Roo Hill Thrill:

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