To play the TrixMix game select the sign on the map or press “t”.
Mix the sounds to create your own music!

1. Play and experiment with the ten different sounds straightaway by selecting the different animals. You will hear the sounds while you are playing, but you cannot replay them as a remix.

2. If you are already familiar with the sounds and want to record a remix so that you can replay it or add it to the Hall of Fame where other children can listen to it then please select “Record a remix”.
When you start recording, you will hear a beat on which you can mix your music.
To create a new remix, select “new”. Note that your old remix will now be deleted. Or add your mix to the Hall of Fame at the end of the game.
You can add your mix to the Hall of Fame at the end of the game. To listen to other children's remixes in the Hall of Fame, you will need the assistance of a mouse-user, who can follow the link from the Home page.

The remixer control panel shows different animals that live in the ocean.
The different sounds reflect their unique characters.

Settings TrixMix:

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