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You will hear a ticking sound while the ePlayground is loading in the background.
The screen shows a tree with a smiling mouth and eyes that move if you move the computer mouse around. Your game mate BuddyFly, who is a butterfly, flutters around the tree with the same movement of the mouse. High up in the tree are a possum, a cockatoo and a blue kite - all waiting patiently for playtime. The sky is blue and the sun shines brightly.


The map itself looks like a sunny, fantasy island, surrounded by blue waters. And, when you arrive, you will hear the sounds of the children playing, as well as the sounds of the sea and different animals.

On the island, there are sandy beaches, red soil, shrubs, trees and flowers. Green hedges border the path and there are several typical Australian animals having fun. There are also beach balls, musical instruments, a puzzle area and an area with green hills.
Four signs refer to the games you can play there. A typical Queensland surf lifesaving tower - complete with a lifeguard - serves as the place to get “Help”.

The ePlayground comes to life as soon you arrive at the map. An ibis takes some small steps and a kangaroo hides a possum behind its back. A lizard is walking around the ePlayground. He disappears in a hedge and then suddenly reappears a bit further along wearing a Wizard's hat. As he passes, the flowerbed magically changes colour. The lizard then disappears before popping up again without the hat. A seagull also flies through the sky and a tiny butterfly flutters over the pink flowers. Two frogs play leapfrog on a large boulder in a dry creekbed.
In the background, Migaloo - the white humpback whale - cruises past the coast and, as he breaches, a crab washes up onto the sand and goes for a walk before disappearing into the water again. In between the crab's walks, a tiny sea urchin peeps up. In the background, some dolphins show their heads above the water.

What you can activate on the map by pressing keys 0 to 9:

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