Roo Hill Thrill

To play the Roo Hill Thrill game press “r” or click on the Roo Hill Thrill sign on the map.
In each level you can click on the surf lifesaving tower or press “h” to access Help for more information about the game. To return to the game press the Escape button.
Surf over the hills and try to avoid the balls.
The less balls you hit, the more points you score.
A perfect ride scores bonus points.

There are five different ways to turn the surfboard:

  1. use the left and right arrowkeys
  2. use the mouse to click on the arrow-buttons on the screen.
  3. use single switch
  4. press the space bar
  5. Puff2Play™

To turn off the background music in the game, press “s”.
To turn it on again, press “p”.
Or, make the selection by clicking on the on/off buttons inside the game.

Puff2Play™ involves attaching a microphone to your computer and using breath to play. When playing Roo Hill Thrill, each puff of breath into the microphone will make the surfboard turn. After loading the game, switch on the Puff2Play mode by clicking on the “Turn-Puff2Play-on” button. Then click “allow” to allow the controls access to your microphone.

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