To play TrixMix press “t” or click on the TrixMix sign on the map.
In each level you can click on the surf lifesaving tower or press “h” to access Help for more information about the game. To return to the game press the Escape button.

TrixMix is fully accessible for blind players.

Mix the sounds to create your own music!
To create different sounds use the numeral keys of your normal keyboard:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
Or use the mouse and click on the images.
Press "r" to record, "s " to stop and "p" to play your mix.
When you start recording, you will hear a beat to which you can mix your music.

After listening to your remix you can press “r” again to start the same remix again and add new sounds to it. To listen to the final result press “p” again.
To create a new remix, press “n”. Note that your old remix will now be deleted.
You can add a remix to the TrixMix Hall of Fame: Click the button “add to mix list“ or press “a“, enter your name and press Enter or press Escape to cancel.

The remixer control panel shows different animals that live in the ocean.
The sounds reflect their character.

lizard with wizard hatTip: experiment with holding a key for longer or press more keys at the same time.

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